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IPO Dog's First Choice
Schutzhund IPO is a sport that tests a dog and handler

as team in tracking, obedience and protection.

Tracking involves folling footsteps to find articles.

Obedience involves on and off leash work, hurdles,

retrieving and long downs.

Protection involves bite work and really tests the teamwork

between the dog and handler. Is the dog clear minded

and self controlled? Does the handler give clear directions?

Of course it is always exciting to see a dog launch

into the air and capture the "bad guy"

Tracking learn without stress and without compulsion.

Timeless work - without any stress and without constraint

 is the motto of the training method


I place great emphasis on a not too complicated training and work with
the simplest means to get the dog into playful patterns of behavior! In
doing so, the dog is introduced into the exercises "heel", "sit", "down
" etc. by taking advantage of his natural behavior and learns to
cooperate absolutely with his dog handler in the team.
Protection / Bite Work

Building a stress- and conflict-free protection service with references to
the negative effects of coercion.
The style includes my opinion that the helper behaves as calmly and
passively as possible.
This causes more activity in the dog. He determines what is happening.
The dog is working the helper, not the helper the dog.
The dog thus gets a sense of control, what happens on the place. Each
exercise is designed so that the dog is the one who triggers the actions.
The dog needs a certain mental maturity, which allows his natural
aggression to be guided into the correct path, which gives him the
certainty, the feeling of control of the situation. 
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